Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Thanks - Day 26 - Taking Chances

Every day we have something to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for taking chances.

I'm feeling inspired and when you're feeling inspired you take chances. The chance that I'm taking today is writing about something inspiring...... which is taking chances.

To jump or not to jump. To take that last shot of tequila or listen to Randy and spring for a Dasani. To put on a condom or believe her when she says that she is in fact a virgin who just happens to take the pill. "Something in this room is growing and it's not in my pants. It's on your face." Every day we must face these decisions much like a matador faces a bull. All we can do is stare our predicament in the eyes and hope that we move in the right direction at the right time. But a colossal crimson cloth of guidance we do not behold. A sequined suit of sovereignty we do not sport. We only have our instinct and our gut as our counsel but we should be thankful for the rush we get from drawing that chance card.

Some situations that may lead you to taking a chance include: being a questionable distance from a yellow light, having to move your bowels on a first date, being offered a job located in a place that you can't pronounce, falling in love with a different species, being offered a "happy ending" from Yukiko, dropping a delicious 3 dollar cupcake on the ground in a parking lot, admitting that you do, from time to time, purchase cupcakes with pink frosting and then go have a beer to make you feel like a man again, etc.

If we go our whole lives without taking chances then we might as well deepthroat the barrel of a shotgun because that ain't livin' my friend. I encourage you all, the next time you want to say no, to say yes. You never know what it may lead to. However, if a strange man ever walks up to you on the street with a flask and says "Hey buddy, do me a favor and take a swig of this and tell me if it's whiskey or urine. I can't tell anymore," then in this case you have my blessing to tell him "No, Thank you" and then be gingerly on your way.

So let's all take a moment and say "Today I am thankful for taking chances." Unless you are the type of person that would take a chance, get into trouble because of it, then try and sue me due to my sprightly yet persuasive writing abilities in which case you must say "You know....... you sue ONE guy for seemingly selfish reasons and people treat you like a criminal. Yea I did break into the guy's house to rape his wife but come on.... I could have killed myself on that slippery tile in the entrance hall."

So remember boys and girls, if you don't gamble you can't lose...... but you also can't win much either.

Thanks for listening. Check back for more things to be thankful for in days to come.

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