Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily Thanks - Day 16 - Dreams

Every day we have something to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for dreams.

It's amazing what the human brain is capable of. It's also amazing that with all the technological advances we have made and with all of the knowledge we have of the human brain, psyche and mentality that we still don't understand dreams. I assure you that as you read this there is a whole army of people sitting around in lab coats going "...and then he said that he was on a boat, but it wasn't really a boat because it was in a mall.... and he was with his mother who was wearing a wedding gown covered in mayonnaise. What does it all mean!!??"

The truth is... we have no idea. I don't care what Freud said. Even HE could not decipher what the hell the human mind was doing in this lucid space within the abysmal thicket of REM sleep. Though we do not understand this psychological chasm of a world that we call dreaming, we must give thanks for it. I mean, where else can you have an orgy with the cast of Grey's Anatomy without the risk of anyone finding out? Yes. Including Dr...... Mc"Dreamy"? You see what I did there?

Some situations that you may experience during your dreams can include: flying, jumping really high, various forms of gravity defiance, breathing underwater, producing a dark but comedically transcending piece of theatre "in the round", knife fighting with a car mechanic, sailing across the pacific with your 8th grade history teacher, trying to quench your thirst with endless beverages but failing because your not "actually" drinking anything, becoming a martial arts expert, becoming a sports star, becoming a "real" writer, etc.

There are countless fantasies that we can experience through our dreams which is why I think that the word "dreams" has become synonymous with the word "goals". When someone wants to know what you would love to do with your life they may ask you "what are your dreams?" Interesting, because what you "dream" and what you "desire" can certainly be oceans apart. However, there will always be those cases in which you wake up and want nothing more than to go directly back into that dream you were having. "No! No!! Send me back! SEND ME BACK!!" At least that's what I would say. If you were Keanu Reeves then you may wake up in an instant, eyes open wide, turn to your lover and say "I know Kung Fu."

So let's all take a moment and say "Today I am thankful for dreams." Unless you are unable to have dreams in which case you must say "The world is a cold, dark place.... but at least I have my brand new magenta SNUGGIE!"

Thanks for listening. Check back for more things to be thankful for in days to come.

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